My mummy, my daddy and my granpa

Hello fellow jugglers, just checking in after a nice relaxing extended weekend in London. Our toddler is starting to talk a lot more, and in both English and German. Some of his words are: money/Geld, Onkel, Aunty, Gross, Milky, Meiner, more etc. He has also started making two word sentences, so "meiner money" etc. He is growing soooooo fast!
Tuesday workday wasn't as interesting or fun.....applying for a visa to some destinations is a pain in the butt. Anyway, a hilarious post on reminded me of what my daughter told them at Kindergarten when I was pregnant with little man:
My mummy is expecting a brother, my daddy is expecting a little sister and my Grossvater* is expecting two babies
Needless to say, my DH started to work on his beer gut soon afterwards.
Wishing you a great week guys.

*Grossvater- German for Grandpa

Tips for new moms

With Kate looking as fit as ever barely 24 ours after having the wee Prince of Cambridge, it has spurred me on to do a post on tips for new mothers. Kate already looks fit and is smiling as ever, and I am certain has a lot of help available.

Here are my top tips for new moms, in alphabetical order:

Allow your husband/ partner to help/ bond with baby:
It's very important to involve your DH or partner as soon as possible in caring for baby. That fosters a great father child bond, but also ensures that you are not over extended. I learnt the hard way that if you don't let your husband help from the very beginning, feeding, bathing and caring for baby will soon become your responsibility only. It doesn't matter whether or not he puts the diaper on properly, just let him, and praise him copiously. After all, if this is our first child, you also only just learned to change diapers too. Letting your partner get involved is a win win for everyone involved and for your relationship too. It enables a smooth transition into a parenting partnership.

Breastfeed: I would encourage all new mothers to breastfeed for as long as they can, preferaby the first 4 or 6 months exclusively or at least just the first few weeks. The antibodies in your milk are great for baby.

Diet: Diet is especially important after you have your baby, for both mother and child. Eating a healthy, protein rich ( but not too protein rich) diet helps ensure that you , the new mom keeps your strength, and that your baby does not have unnecessary tummy aches due to too hard to digest food. I remember when little man was about a month old, I was puzzled as to why he had tummy aches. I hadn't eaten any of the typical gassy foods that cause babies to develop a tummy ache. Fortunately, my midwife visited me that day, and while talking, I mentioned that it was my DHs birthday and I had really over indulged in his yummy cream cheese cake. Cream cheese is relatively difficult to digest, so it was clear why baby was having a tummy ache. Err on the side of a balanced but not too rich diet. Do introduce new foods cautiously. You eating some foods my cause reactions in your baby if you are breast feeding. My DD refused breast milk(very loudly I might add) because I had eaten white asparagus. My son on the other hand didn't show the slightest reaction to asparagus. He actually likes it!
Exercise: Although one is encouraged to take it easy and not over exert oneself for the first 6 to 8 weeks after birth, especially when one is still expelling Lochia, there are gentle exercises that can be done to assist the body in bouncing back. One should of course listen to the doctors, but I listened to my doctors and midwife a bit too closely, which is why even though i have lost most of the baby weight, my pooch is still a problem area for me.
These exercises can be done in about 10 minutes and it's all basically a variation of "cycling in the air"( image courtesy of
Cycling in the air:

A good way to vary this with time is to cycle to the left and to the right, or while lying on the right side of your belly or to the left. Now get those legs cycling ladies!
I also learned to pull my belly in, to my core, while lying flat on my back, during my Chinese post natal exercise classes. I will update this post with those exercises as I recollect them.
What types of exercises have helped you get your figure back? Please share ladies!
Sleep: Sleep when baby sleeps, everyone says this, but its really true and important. I do realize that when you are on the second, third or...child, that's easier said than done, but for the ladies who have just had their first child, or who have help in the first few weeks in taking care of the older kids, sleep, sleep, sleep. Don't worry about the house being upside down, just sleep. You can thank me later.
Finally, accept all the help that is offered. The first week after my daughter was born, my aunt was here cooking and taking care of me. Afterwards, my MIL brought me lunch everyday and my DH cooked dinner, and took care of the household ( okay, I had to verbally spur him on on that last bit, lol). It helped my adjustment to motherhood go much more smoothly.

I will be updating this post periodically with other tips that occur to me.
What tips do you have for new mothers?

What would you do if you were not afraid?

London micro trip

I have been feeling a little under the weather recently. Partly due to the bronchitis I had to take a weeks worth of antibiotics to clear and my little son who is teething and ill at the same time. But a lot of my lack of energy is resulting frankly for overwork and a lack of energy. I have the 9 to five work and the five to nine phase, where I am mommy in chief.

So when I had to go on a business trip to London recently, I was sort of looking forward to getting away for the day. London is one of my absolute favorite cities in the world. It has an energy and a vibrancy which always instantly lifts my spirits. If I had not met and married DH, I honestly believe I would have ended up living in London. I did live there as a child. And another piece of trivia, DH and I first met up in London.
I was able to meet up with a childhood friend after work and I walked from Liverpool street station, through the bank and insurance district, saw the Gherkin and Lloyd's building up close. We also walked through Bishops square and old Spitafields market.
It was just a couple of hours, but it felt like a micro break to me and I definitely came back refreshed. I am glad the whole family is heading off for an extended weekend soon.

P.s. Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridgeon the arrival of their son.

RIP Ewar

A few weeks back, I stumbled on to the " how to tie your gele" video by Ewar makeovers via another blog. I was impressed by the quality of the video and also the gentle beauty of the lady. I promptly subscribed and anytime I have been on YouTube since then, I have checked to see whether or not she had uploaded another video. I was waiting for something great, something more from her. I was very saddened to read that she had died after childbirth last Wednesday. May her soul rest in perfect peace. All the outpouring of kind words and of grief over her death is testimony to the fact that she was a special lady.

Maternal mortality can happen anywhere, as there are sometimes unforeseen complications that arise and after all doctors are only human. That being said the maternal mortality rate in Nigeria is atrocious. I read somewhere that every 1 in every 13 women die during childbirth. In. 2013. 1 in every 13. May God help us.

But it is not enough for God to help us, we have to help ourselves too, and fight for better conditions in our health care system, to push away the same mediocrity that has eaten away at the very fabric of our society in all aspects. It could have been you, or me.

And it can still be. No one knows tomorrow.

Let us fight for reforms in maternal care in Nigeria. May God grant the loved ones of Adenike Ogungbe ( nee Kareem) the fortitude to bear the great loss.


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