My mummy, my daddy and my granpa

Hello fellow jugglers, just checking in after a nice relaxing extended weekend in London. Our toddler is starting to talk a lot more, and in both English and German. Some of his words are: money/Geld, Onkel, Aunty, Gross, Milky, Meiner, more etc. He has also started making two word sentences, so "meiner money" etc. He is growing soooooo fast!
Tuesday workday wasn't as interesting or fun.....applying for a visa to some destinations is a pain in the butt. Anyway, a hilarious post on reminded me of what my daughter told them at Kindergarten when I was pregnant with little man:
My mummy is expecting a brother, my daddy is expecting a little sister and my Grossvater* is expecting two babies
Needless to say, my DH started to work on his beer gut soon afterwards.
Wishing you a great week guys.

*Grossvater- German for Grandpa

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