So you have a pooch now - a guide to post partum elegance

First things first......l.

After baby twoI am back to my size  pre motherhood dress size 38/10. My body has changed though: feet seemed to have grown at least a half size, and my belly, which was flat as could be and one of my favourite parts of my body is one of the most changed parts of my body. I now have some stretch marks around my belly button. And I have a pooch.

A pooch, my dear readers is what you see below

That's because I had two babies, but mostly because I am too tired ( and lazy, yes I will admit to it) to work out. I used to be mostly effortlessly slim and could eat whatever and still look good, *sings* those days are gone....

Anyway, I thought I'd do a series on how to dress elegantly with your new pooch and how to get rid of your new pooch with the least effort. If anyone is reading who has tips to share, please do!

First things first, I am proceeding armed with
1) My copy of Elegance
2) The wardrobe rehab series on A pair and a spare
3) A glass of virgin caipiriniha
Photo Credit: Martin Bartosch via Compfight cc
I will edit this post from time to time with any new useful resources I find.

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