Useful advice

Here is a link to apartment therapys 10 things that will make you happier at home. I have to say, its a useful list if you are a managing home and career like many people do.

Aupair or Granny Aupair

I work mainly from home office, and I had planned to resume work next March, but God has something else in store for me. You see, I have just found the perfect home office position, but I have to start this September already. My boy will be 5 months old. I had planned for him to go to a child minder starting next year, so i'm frankly in a bit of a dilemma right now.

Aupairs have pros and cons. I'm not sure many 24 year olds can cope with a baby(I will be working from home most of the time, which is good)
I also think it might be interesting to get to know someone else, but I'm not sure if I can stand to have an extra person in my home for an extended period.
A definite positive is the fact that we could try to get an English speaking person, which would help our efforts to teach the children English.

I wonder if there are granny aupairs fom England? That might be the perfect solution to our problem.

Krabbelgruppe/ Mother child group

I attended a Chinese baby massage course with E. It lasted 5 Tuesday's in May and June, and it was very informative, although hectic, because I also have my post-natal fitness class on Wednesday's. Now the massage class has ended, we decided to continue on as a mother baby group, and meet every monday.

Last Monday was the first date, but I could not attend because my key broke in the lock on my way there. So, today was my first time. It was nice and relaxing, because we already know each other. And also practical because some of our kids will attend Kindergarten together.

It was nice to chatty chat, I'm sure I'll miss that when I go back to work :( hopefully ill still be able to make time for that.

Let’s talk about how much TV children should be watching

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