We made it!

January was hectic, but we made it! Thank God. I was away from home for a total of  6 nights and 9 days. My DH was great, and I don't know how I'd manage without his support. The last trip was the worst though, because my son was I'll and I stil had to go, baptism by fire. It really made me question my decision to go back to work.
On one hand, my kids were with their dad, and it was high time for him to pull his fair share of the load around here. On the other hand, mum is mum. We are all on the mend now, thank God.
DS can clap his hands now. I showed him how to a few weeks ago and didn't check again, and yesterday, I was trying to distract him while changing I'm in the morning and he clapped! My baby is growing up, tears up.
Looking forward to summer, I hope I will be able to juggle playground runs with working from home. Time will tell.

Stay safe you all and remember, ' nothing comes from nothing'.
See you later 'gators.

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