Guidance on reproducing my posts

I am writing this post because I recently that 4 of my posts from this blog had been lifted verbatim and posted on a website.
I will say that I had gotten an email from the editor of the site last year asking whether they could republish those posts. I replied sometime in December, specifically asking to be informed about if and when, since due to the fact that I was replying their email a few months too late I was unsure if they still wanted to use my posts.
I never received a reply or a notification. I only realized they had published my posts when I went through my blog statistics a few weeks ago and saw that I had been having blog visitors redirected from that site. I decided to go check and I saw my posts. They did attribute the posts to me, but perhaps unwittingly, gave the misleading impression that the posts had been specially written for their site. That unfortunately turned something that I had found exciting into something that left a bittersweet taste in my mouth. So because of that, I have decided to do a post with some guidelines on reproducing or using my posts
Reposting etiquette.
No 1. Ask for permission. My contact email address is Send me an email and I will respond. Please expect a bit of a delay, after all, the fact that I am juggling a lot of responsibilities is the point of this blog.
No 2. Do not copy and paste the whole post if you don't have permission to. If you want a whole post, request me to write a guest post on your blog, I'd be happy to if I can accommodate your request within my schedule.
You can say something like "Themummyjuggle posted on her blog........." And then copy part of the post. You can then add a link for them to read the remaining part of the post. Even is now doing that after mrAyedee showed her pepper.
No 3. Make sure you include in the post that " this post was originally posted at"
No 4. Do not add or subtract from my post. You can embellish in your preamble or quote part of my post and discuss, but don't copy paste my whole post and then add your own jara.
My dear silent readers, if you have any other tips or suggestions concerning blog/ article reposting etiquette, please do share.

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