Shout out to good daddies

I came across the Daddy Doing Work blog via a post on the Good Men project Facebook page. Apparently, the photo below went viral.

I follow lots of mothering blogs and pages, but this is the first time I have been made aware of the also large ( it seems) community of daddy bloggers out there. It's awesome that there are men out there who are comfortable enough with their masculinity to be hands on dads. I think most men find it fulfilling, and more would find it fulfilling, once they break out of the boxes that society has put parenting into.

My DH wore our babies in the baby ties and carriers and can be quite a hands on dad. He does think he's pretty special when hanging out with the kids, lol, but who cares? My children know that they have a loving dad who would give the world for them. My daughter told me a couple of years ago
" ich bin Papa's Sonnenenschein und Mama's Schatz"
" I'm Papa's Sunshine and Mama's treasure". She sounded so secure when she said that that it warmed my heart.

So go on doing your things, Daddies!I wish that every kid grows up knowing that they are loved and cherished by their parents, not just mummies alone.

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