Discover your strengths.

Do you know what your strengths are? Many times we focus on our weaknesses instead of capitalizing on our strengths.

Don't get me wrong focusing on certain weaknesses with the aim of improving them can certainly be a good thing, however, there are certain weak areas where we need to just accept that we will never be able to convert them to strengths, so we can free space in our lives in order to focus on the things that matter and that we can actually do well.

Of course not everyone has the freedom to do a complete 180 degree turn in terms of career, but many times we delude ourselves into thinking that doing the same thing that has brought disappointing results over and over will give us different results. Life is too short to spend it on frustrating ventures and careers that are less than fulfilling.

Often, not capitalizing on our strengths when it relates to our jobs and occupations is the reason why we are unable to make significant headway, or even if we are successful doing what we do, we might not have a deep inner satisfaction. We spend too many of our waking hours working as adults that it is important to be engaged in activities that not only pay the bills, but also give us a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

2014 is just starting off and here's a brand new opportunity to leverage your strengths. Before embarking on that new project or business, before looking for a new job or accepting that offer, before throwing up your hands in despair, let me ask you again - what are your strengths? Knowing your strengths is knowing yourself and how well your know yourself is directly related to how self assured you are and how successful your interactions with others.
What are your weaknesses? You need to consciously know them to stop wasting time on those areas.

How can you find out what your strengths are? Take 10 minutes to think on the following

1) Are there any activities that you find yourself losing track of time when engaging in those activities?
2) Have you been surprised by any activity that gave you an unexpected burst of energy?

3) What activities rob you of emotional and mental energy?

Book recommendation:- Now, discover your strengths.

Homework:- Have a chat with someone who knows you and whom you can trust for an unbiased opinion on your strengths and weaknesses.

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