Plant hunting with tired V

I was busy having a baby in spring, and so hadn't yet gotten round to planting up my balcony. We took the opportunity of DH being off work today to head to the garden centre.
We got lost on the way there, because DH was sure he 'knew' the way, and didn't use the navigation system at first. Big sister almost fell asleep on the way there and I had to keep her awake with trivia questions, and also by plying her with mini pretzels.

I gave the little man his first pretzel too. He licked on it and seemed to find the taste interesting. It is amazing how much more relaxed I am with our little baby. I wouldn't have thought of giving big sister a lick of pretzel at this age, and I would have given anyone who tried the evil eye and more.

Anyway, we finally got to the garden center, big sister was awake, but hyper, a sure sign that she was exhausted. she kept climbing all over the shopping trolley. At a point, DH and I were at the other end of the table shopping. And she was supposed to sit quietly in the trolley waiting for us. When she started acting up, DH said, let's act like we don't know her, at the same time she screamed 'papa' at the top of her voice. "No chance", I replied, smiling wildly. We take our entertainment where we can get it folks ;)

To my joy we got the African blue basil plant I had been dreaming of all winter, as well as some other balcony and indoor plants.

I also got two small pots of Xeropegia woodi

The papa, big sister and little brother are sleeping now, leaving me a few minutes to catch my breath and of course blog, before potting our new plants. I will put pictures of our balcony up once we are done.xo

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